Surfrider Swim Trunks

Surfrider Swim Trunks


1.5 oz of Pantalones Organic Blanco Tequila,
3/4 oz of Organic Lime Juice,
1/2 oz of Organic Orange Juice,
3/4 oz of Organic Agave Nectar,  
1/4 cup of granulated sugar (for garnish),
1 tablespoon of matcha (for garnish)



Pour granulated sugar in a small bowl and Arteao Organic Matcha into a separate small bowl. Wet the rim of your glass with lime juice and dip your glass into the two bowls like it’s taking a dip in the pool, starting with sugar. Add ice to rimmed glass and set aside. Combine all of your ingredients into a shaker and shake like you're trying to get sand off your swim trunks. Pour your matcha margarita into your sugar-coated glass and sip away to the sound of the waves.